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The QueerCore Podcast, developed by The LGBTQ History Project and hosted by August Bernadicou, engages with narratives of radical LGBTQ activists from the first wave of Gay Liberation. We strive to counteract the erosion of their struggles and accomplishments from collective memory. We portray the individuals who led from the frontlines, worked behind the scenes, and demonstrated resilience in their fight for civil rights. We seek to empower activists to vocalize their experiences in unfiltered narratives—a mission that remains singular. We are all about global recognition, preservation, and homage to often marginalized legacies. The QueerCore Podcast underscores the pressing need to uphold historical preservation and acknowledge narratives that might otherwise fade into oblivion.

The QueerCore Podcast is a celebration of August Bernadicou’s interviews featuring both archival and new recordings and is edited by David Newtown. 

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