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Keith St Clare is a man driven by a mission: help those who need it. A 1980 issue of The San Francisco Crusader called him a “nice man who cares about real problems.” When he was 17 years old, his father illegally maneuvered him into the United States Air Force, and he served as an Aerospace Ground Power Repairman stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Four years later, in 1966, he returned to the United States and moved to San Francisco. The Summer of Love expanded in his heart, and he became and edited Vanguard magazine. Vanguard was for the untouchables pushed aside by gay assimilationists and the heterosexuals they attempted to replicate. It was a forever open dialogue between the denied, forgotten, persecuted youth, drug addicts, transgenders, drag queens and all gay men and women.

Although Keith stopped publishing Vanguard in 1979, it is a living magazine. The content is controversial and remains true. It is a combination of every medium, a breath from every culture. There are pre-Gay Liberation articles titled Interview with a Transvestite, The History of Syphilis, Bisexual Interview, List of Sex Offenses and Their Punishments in All 50 states, LA Secret Police, Lavender in Uniform, Interview with a Maschosit, Black Art Adds Culture, etc. Erotic images and delicate yet in-your-face poetry unites every issue. The fact that Keith gave a voice to these untouched subjects in 1966 is bold, but even bolder is that he did so using his real name and real address. He admits he was scared, but the military taught him how to protect himself. He says he was not going to be a martyr. Keith did not stop with Vanguard. He worked commercially for community theaters and produced 186 episodes of the nationally distributed and entirely youth-run TV show Young Ideas all the while raising over 600 foster kids.

2 men expressing love


Man and woman may fight and kill Or love or lie… They have free will. Holy God whose powers should Be greater, aren't Poor God can do only good. Faint from assault From the campaign still ahead I’ve sat And played like children My fingers in sand And with thoughts held by air.

THIS MAGAZINE For me This edition has been The thing Of a sense of survival, Of faith in myself And not love. We’re all right. Sometimes we pass or glance, Embarassed Because we are down.

Keith St Clare Poetry

Rather than This summer sits still On the clouded windows Draperies within. But fingers of an icy Autumn are caught in My hair. The dedications And love belong To Will And to our friend Michael In the east Did you know that sex Is a river of boats With bowls in them? Homosex sex in place of sex of Striking sticks between bone boxes Or shoulder blade cheeks to love Song of operated, plastic Good touchings and making dougnuts Of dildoes curing the marriage bite Of a good double need, consolation And not caring about wasted seeds On babies.


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